Schedule your healthy rituals




We all have certain rituals or activities that feed our soul and improve our well-being. I like to spend an uninterupted hour with a mug of tea and my favourite magazine. I feel that my week is missing something if I miss my weekly ashtanga yoga class. What small rituals lift your spirits? Maybe you love a hot bath with essential oils or an hour in your favourite cafe with a good book and a hot chocolate. Now you have a vision in your mind of your ideal way to spend an hour try to remember when you last had the time to indulge in such activities.

In the midst of our busy lives, between the school run, the commute to work, the unpaid over time and the household chores, the things that truly feed our souls and bring us peace get pushed the bottom of the list.

I recently completed Leonie Dawson’s “Create your amazing year” work book. In it she suggests that we schedule  these activities into our diaries to help us prioritise the “me time”.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, sit down with a pen and paper and think of all the things (it doesn’t matter how small) that nourish you. Now see if you could schedule these into your week rather than having a vague longing that you should do it when you get the time. Make little appointments with yourself in your diary for some bliss time.

I managed to schedule a 90 minute yoga class every monday and an “early to bed” night on Tuesdays. On Thursdays I create time for a twenty minute mindful meditation. I schedule 30 minutes  journalling time on Saturday mornings and a walk in nature on Sundays. I set all my activities in my iPhone as a weekly appointments with reminders to keep me on track. I don’t always keep all my “bliss time” appointments but I do have more since it became part of my weekly schedule. This makes me happier and healthier. All positive steps towards a Karma Life.



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