There are so many clichés around self-care. We have all heard the advice about putting your own oxygen mask on before helping others and filling your own cup before giving to others. We all know that to be a good friend, mum, wife, husband and employee we need to be physically and mentally well. To support others we need to be grounded and strong enough to support ourselves first. But do we really invest enough time in self-care? Are we as kind to ourselves as we are to others? Do we talk as nicely to ourselves as we do to others? Do we give ourselves treats and rewards for a job well done? May be not as often as we should.

When I think about self-care I think about taking time for myself, being peaceful and quite, a hot bath, a new hair cut. All physical things to pamper myself. But when I looked for other forms of self-care, I realised there are much more subtle ways of taking care of, and protecting ourselves. For example, saying “no” sometimes if something feels wrong or we are too busy. Saying “yes” sometimes to offers of help or opportunities that inspire us. Trusting our instincts to know when to say yes and when to say no and not trying to be a “people pleaser”. Staying away from people or situations that creat drama or negativity as much as you can and most importantly not speaking badly to ourselves or about ourselves.

So try to make the effort to nurture yourself as you would a child. Don’t chastise yourself or be self-critical. Protect yourselves from negativity and most of all…. Love yourself whole heartedly.



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