Growing outside your comfort zone 

A major benefit of getting still and increasing my mindfulness practice has been my increased ability to be open to guidance when I need it the most. Just recently I have found that the right nudges are happening serendipitously and, it’s just possible, that this has always happened and I haven’t been still enough to notice. 

So over the past few weeks opportunities have arisen for me to use what I know about mindfulness practices to help more people. This is what I have wanted in my heart for a long time and is ultimately why I trained to teach mindfulness, however, the moment these opportunities presented themselves I found many excuses to stay small and not move forward. 

My excuses include:

1. I’m not ready, I don’t know enough. 

2. Everyone will realise I don’t know anything. 

3. I will get it wrong and lose credibility. 

4. I’m scared of failing so I would rather not try. 

5. I will be ridiculed. 

6. I’m too busy already, I will be over whelmed. 

As I am busily making my list of reasons not to move forward and grow, an email comes with an invitation to Gabrielle Bernstein’s free online training about running a spiritually based business. So I get my journal and a cup of tea and get set up to watch the video. Within the first 5 minutes she has wiped out my excuses!

She stresses the point that “it’s not about me!” All my excuses are ego based fears about how I will look or feel when in fact, it’s all about the benefits I can provide to others. I just need to be of service. 

So far, so good, but I still don’t have the time. Taking on more projects would just leave me over whelmed I tell myself. Then a video blog from Mastin Kipp comes into my inbox entitled “dealing with overwhelm”. I want to shy away from this challenge so badly I almost delete the email. I don’t want any more of my excuses addressing. I like my excuses, they keep me safe! But I watch the video…….

So Mastin Kipp tells me that “joy, love, connection and abundance are my destiny, but I will never get there if I always stop when I feel overwhelmed”.  He goes on to give reassurance that we are never given more than we can handle and that overwhelm is just us growing outside our comfort zone. We need to reframe overwhelm as our bodies adjusting to a new life and see it as a reason to keep moving forward. 

So now I’m scared! My excuses are being picked off one by one by these amazing thought leaders who inspire me so greatly. I might actually have to push myself here and go ahead with these opportunities to grow and develop my mindfulness practice. If I could just get the fear under control……..

So I’m driving along listening to Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness podcast and he starts talking about fear and discomfort. He explains how if you are not feeling fear and discomfort you really are not pushing yourself far enough. We don’t achieve greatness without feeling outside our comfort zone. If you want to feel comfortable, he says, we have to be happy with staying small and not realising dreams of greatness. 

So now I’m convinced. I know I have to feel the fear and do it anyway. If mindfulness has taught me anything it is how to be with discomfort. I’m sure the exhilaration of achieving this level of growth will far out weigh the discomfort. I just need to step forward and start. 

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