The side effects of meditation

If you are contemplating starting a mindful meditation practice, or you are struggling to keep up with your practice, here are some important reasons to keep going. Don’t forget you cannot get this wrong. Even a moment of stillness is worthwhile.

You may forget where your doctor’s surgery is

Research has shown that regular meditators visit their doctor less often. They have reduced levels of stress and stress associated illness such as high blood pressure. It also boost immune function.

You might live longer

There is evidence to show that meditators are more content and suffer less anxiety and depression, and these happy emotions are linked to longevity.

There is no excuse for forgetting your anniversary

Meditators have improved memory function and enjoy more fulfilling relationships. Is this because they remember the important dates like anniversaries and birthdays?

Increased resilience in the face of chronic disease

Meditators reduce the negative impact of chronic conditions such as pain and fatigue.

These side effects are much more pleasant that many drug side effects used to treat anxiety, depression, hypertension and pain. So let’s start using meditation as preventative medicine and improve our quality of life in the process.

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