About the Karma Life Project 


 IMG_1293Hi, I’m Debbie, I am a registered nurse, reiki practitioner and essential oil wellness advocate for doTERRA. I am obsessed with holistic health care and love finding ways to help people achieve a greater sense of well-being and physical health through essential oils, reiki, relaxation & guided imagery and mindfulness. I have a particular interest in helping people experiencing chronic disease and couples experiencing infertility. These subject are close to my heart having lived with both for many years.

As a mum I want to find safe, non toxic health solutions for my family and I want to help other mums do the same. I run one-to-one and group essential oils classes were we go through the top ten oils and how you can use them as your wellbeing tool kit at home. Oils can be used for health, healing, cooking, cleaning, gardening and even pet care. They can also be used to enhance other complementary therapies such as reiki, massage and reflexology.

I provide Reiki treatments and teach mindful meditation and relaxation techniques. If you would like to take action to create a karma life for yourself please contact me at debssutherland@hotmail.com

Please stay a while and browse the different pages of the blog to fins out more about mindfulness, reiki and essential oils.

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