Some people view karma as a punishment for past sinful actions but this limited interpretation of the word prevents understanding of it’s true meaning. Rather than a cause of suffering karma is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Karma is a Sanskrit word for “action”. All action causes a reaction and, if we deviate from our path karma puts us back on track. Karma is not bad luck or fate, it is simply aligning us to our soul purpose. So if we are experiencing suffering, it could be a sign that changes need to be made to re-align us with the happiness and satisfaction that is intended for us. When we have peace and stability we can be sure that we are living peacefully, following the path of natural law.

If I experience a period of feeling tired, stressed or unwell when I examine my life I can usually find more than one area in which I am not taking correct action. Maybe I am not getting adequate sleep or I am making less than healthy choices in my diet. If I take action to correct this and re-align myself (easier said than done) I should see improvements in my well-being.

In recent years I have had many episodes when I have felt physically or emotionally out of balance. Once I understood that these were signs that I needed to take action I felt more in control of my well-being. Karma has nudged me towards a path of enquiry and learning about mindfulness, relaxation techniques, Reiki, massage and other holistic therapies, all of which contribute to my well-being and the well-being of others. This blog is my lifelong project to stay on my true path and help others to do the same, hence the name, the Karma Life project.